7 Terrible Effects of a Rich Diet on the Bowel
11th May 2016
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So what’s your diet pattern like? You surely like a lot of deep fried items, don’t you? After all, they are so good to your tongue! But do you think the same food items that your tongue likes are liked by your health and body? For a few moments, forget about the weight you are putting on, you are probably not worried about how much you weigh on the scale, but what about your internal organs?

A rich diet sounds fun, especially if you are enjoying eating it, but there are times when such a diet negatively affects your body and health.

Here are the top seven terrible effects of a rich diet on your bowel:

1) Constant bloating in the stomach: If you have constantly been on a rich diet, it is time for you to know that the bloating feeling that you have in your stomach is an aftermath of all those trans-fats that you consume almost every day. If this happens a lot with you, search for colonic hydrotherapy and get it done for a better health.

2) Improper digestion caused after meals: There are times when you feel like you are unable to digest your food. It may not happen during the initial stages of your rich diet patterns, but if you continue with the same lifestyle, you are bound to go through the problem of indigestion.

3) Sensation of terrible heart-burns: A lot of heartburns may happen to you, if you have been eating red meats regularly. Thanks to Eternal Being in Leicester, you can now get rid of such sensations, which don’t even let you sleep at nights. The moment you get a deep sleep, the heartburns wake you up.

4) Constant burps that make you feel uncomfortable to sit in crowd: You are unable to sit with your friends and colleagues because you get constant burps that are louder than you expect. This is due to all the oily food that you eat every day.

5) Moderate to severe constipation: If the food is unable to digest in your stomach, it is bound to pause your bowel movements; this leads to constipation. You may have to go through colonic irrigation, which is a therapeutic treatment.

6) Loose motions, leading to severe weakness in the body: Rich diet may also lead to loose motions or diarrhea, which leads to weakness in the body.

7) Unintentional weight gain or weight loss: If you have been losing or gaining weight without any specific reason, you may have to go through a treatment for the same.


For more information on how you can treat your symptoms of a rich diet please contact Michelle at Eternal Being on 0116 2029844

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