Fitness could be the answer to dealing with stress
22nd January 2017
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Modern life is stressful, and the pressures on our human condition are immense and growing day by day. Coping with the everyday stresses and strains is made easier by getting fit, staying healthy and making sure that our work-life balance is protected. Seeking professional help is a sensible, supportive way of doing so and is possibly the most cost effective investment that busy people can make.

Team Fighting Fit Personal Training offer a range of courses directed towards people who wish to get fit, wish to get even fitter or are super-fit and wish to stay that way. Whatever one’s individual level of fitness there is a carefully planned and executed training programme to suit you.

Team Fighting Fit Offer One to One Personal Training that is designed to give people a completely tailor made approach to their health and fitness needs which allows both coach and client to maximise a training program to its full potential and have compete dedication and focus from the trainer. The course starts with a Discovery Session which is designed to gain clarity about what the client wants to achieve whilst training at Fighting Fit and how one can achieve the goals desired as well as find out where you are currently in relation to your goals.

Semi Private Training for groups of four people in total, includes:

Morning Warrior is a 6:45am workout!
Designed for busy professionals and business people who want to have a workout before the start of their busy day!
Complete a circuit based training program comprising of weight training, bodyweight resistance training, combat sport conditioning.

Team Fighting Fit Bootcamp, is an intense 12-week transformation project designed to help people drastically improve their fitness whilst burning fat, toning up and having fun! You'll get a combination of weight training, bodyweight resistance training, combat sport specific conditioning training and nutrition tips to help achieve your transformation goals, plus kickboxing conditioning drills.

Team Fighting Fit offer a Bootcamp for ladies only, same intense training but in ladies only sessions.

Team Fighting Fit Personal Training by Fahad is for people who wish to reach peak condition in order to live their lives in a healthier and fitter way. Doing so is an excellent investment it attaining goals that will improve one’s ability to enjoy life to the full.

Fahad has an intense passion for combat sports, fitness and nutrition, mindset coaching and helping people. This has all been put together to create the most comprehensive training experience in line with his mission to help people that are serious about success, and who want to achieve kick-ass results in all areas of life through training their own mind and body.

Team Fighting Fit Personal Training is strongly recommended by The Best of Leicester showcasing and promoting all that is best of local businesses.

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