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There was Murder at the Barcelo Hotel in Hinckley on Friday Night! Luckily it was in a good cause to raise money for Crimestoppers.
Help to crack down on domestic crime and visit Crimestoppers at Leicester Market on 12th january 2012
This talks about how your stomache can affect your brain chemistry and lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Eternal Being specialise in colonic irrigation one method of treating this condition
Stay with your car it only takes seconds for thieves to strike. Stay with your vehicle while it warms up, so that it is you that drives away in a warm car, not a thief.”
Leaflets have been distributed to warn people about the forthcoming protests in Leicester City Centre.
Keep your number plates safe to stop theives using them to steal petrol and deisel from Leicestershire garages.
This is a warning from Leicestershire police to keep an eye out for bogus clothing collection companies.
Make sure you don't leave your car unattended while it de-frosts in the cold morninigs.
This is the official press release as per an email from Janet Hobbs from Leicestershire Police on reflection of the tragic case of Fiona Pilkington and Frankie Hardwick.
The public are being asked to keep any valuables out of sight in any unattended cars. This is not restricted to the town centres as theives are targeting rural areas too.
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