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Why laughter is good for you
Why laughter is good for you
We all enjoy a good laugh and is it any wonder when we can get such great benefits from doing something so simple and easy?
This weekend in Leicester you can enjoy a performance of Oliver, some classic films, a great family panto, the Hannukah Light Switch On, live music, ballet, a Christmas gift fair and more!
Searching for things to do in Leicester this weekend? There's plenty of activities and events for everyone to enjoy including food festivals, Christmas events, a Charity ball and productions and if you haven't done already, have a go on the Diwali Wheel of Light off Belgrave Road.
Diwali is still very much the theme of this weekend's events and in addition to this fabulous festival, you will also find comedy, music, a table top sale and the qualifying rounds to the 2016 British Body building Championships! Don't miss out.
There are lots of activities, events and celebrations taking place in Leicester as we celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights as well as Bonfires, Fireworks and haunted happenings.
This weekend is the start of 2015 Diwali festival in Leicester and the festivities are set to be a dazzling as ever. It is also the weekend of Halloween so there's plenty going on to keep you entertained.
The Diwali Wheel of Light, a quiz night, a meditation workshop and Paddy McGuinness are just some of the events happening in Leicester this weekend!
This weekend sees the start of the Diwali celebrations and the wheel of light arriving at Belgrave Road. There are also theatre productions and classes to keep you entertained.
This weekend presents events for Black History Month, live music and rugby ... plus a whole lot more!
Join in a weekend of fun from comedy and beer festivals to horticulture and sci fi! There's something for everyone.
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