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Graffiti and Society
Graffiti and Society
Whatever your views about our society, Graffiti artist Bankys seems to make people think!
Talk of green shoots in the UK economy were dealt a further blow by official data today, after it emerged the unemployment rate had climbed once more.
Investments - it's all gobbledegook to me! What's a good investment? Equity, Trackers, Bonds - arghhh! All I want to know is how do i make a million?! Well at least a few bob.
You can't say that my working week is the same every week.
Bacon, Eggs and Sausages
Bacon, Eggs and Sausages
A short walk in the country and the thought of a local, naturally grown and reared breakfast brings some thoughts on peak oil, climate change and the looming food crises.
Has the stockmarket really started to recover? Is it time to invest?
A short article on what to consider to be a little greener and the benefits this could bring your business.
I decided that last week was going to be the week that I started to 'get out' more. Keith is the one that attends all of the networking groups normally and he's tried loads. BNI, 4 Networking, Hitchin Town Initiative, FSB, Environmental Population, Ashleys
Benefits of Networking
Benefits of Networking
There certainly was a buzz in the room at Doughty's Brasserie with 57 people from all different businesses coming together with one thing in common - to meet new people and get more business.There is no doubt that networking does help you move your busines
Hi, I'm Louise Yexley and together with my husband Keith, we run thebestofhitchin. We took this business on in April 2007 and we are thoroughly enjoying it. Keith started his career as an electrical engineering technician and I originally trained as a secr
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