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I'm a convert to microdermabrasion, thanks to the Crystal Clear system as used at Pebble
A new treatment at Pebble in Hitchin will make us all look even lovelier
Pebble Beauty Sanctuary got the most love this year from Hitchin
New year - new Pebble
New year - new Pebble
Hitchin's town centre sanctuary has a rebrand. A fresh new Pebble for 2016
It's a Boob
It's a Boob
Women of a certain age do start to consider the state of their boobs. We are told that we should check them regularly or lumps and bumps but did you know that if you are over 40 you can now book yourself in for a mammogram at Pinehill hospital? That's exactly what I did.
After 32 years of a desk job with the civil service, my experience with back pain prompted me to write about it to help others
Beat the January blues with 50% off all Treatments at the Kerie Hoy Salon including Billion Dollar Brows, Body Boutique Wraps and BeautyLab Facials!
The Kerie Hoy Salon has launched an annual VIP Membership where you can enjoy over £165 worth of treatments for £99!
Proving that being preened and pampered is most definitely not just for ladies, The Best of Hitchin's very own Keith Yexley popped into the salon this week to get the full Kerie Hoy treatment!
The Prime Minister gave a speech about the importance of protecting children online. One of the key subjects he covered was the use of WiFi in public areas. When Pinehill introduced WiFi, it was of vital that the chosen supplier included ‘family-friendly filters’ across their networks.
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