Investments - It's all gobbledegook to me!
11th August 2009
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Investments - it's all gobbledegook to me!  What's a good investment?  Equity, Trackers, Bonds - arghhh!  All I want to know is how do i make a million?!  Well at least a few bob.

So I'm guessing that I'm no different to most people who might have some premium bonds and a bit of cash (not a lot) but never really known what do do with it so just walked into the nearest building society or bank and gone with whatever they sold me.  Some good decisions in the past but to be honest, I'm not going to be retiring any time soon.  So what should we do - who do we talk to?  Obviously an Independant Financial Advisor (IFA) is a good place to start.  They can give you an overview of what options you have.  Keith and I recently went to see Susie Bewell, Investment Genius of Raymond James Investment Services in Bancroft, Hitchin a few months back.  We had a little bit of money which was left to our children and we wanted to invest it in the hope that they will use it to go to university so that they can make loads of money running their own businesses and look after us in our ripe old age.

So Susie is obviously a genius for a reason and we are very confident that she is going to invest our small egg and help it grow.  What I particularly like is the fact that someone is monitoring our investment on our behalf and that we will have regular meetings to discuss how it's going and whether we need to change anything.  I can't say I ever got that with my 'high street' investments.  So if you want some advice, a meeting to discuss what options you have before deciding whether you want to invest, then I would recommend giving Susie Bewell a call - she's a safe pair of hands in a volatile world!

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