Photo shoots with a difference!!!!
7th August 2009
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I could never say that my working week is the same every week, as you can see by the photo's attached to the blog article.

The first one is a shoot I did for a cheeky calendar, which I believe will be on sale soon. Very funny to do this shoot. It took longer to talk through than to shoot (and I mean that in a professional manner!). I'm getting myself into trouble here, aren't I???

The second photo was shot last year, when most people are decorating on a Bank Holiday I shoot stills for a zombie film (Stag Night of the Dead). The reason I've put this in the blog is that I'm off to the Premiere in Covent Garden in a couple of weeks, and I'm really excited it. The shots I took were used for the poster in Cannes earlier in the year, which was really cool. It was great to do something completely off the wall.

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