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Once Christmas and New Year are past and Spring is on the horizon thoughts, for many, turn to giving their home a fresh look. For some the idea of DIY is anathema, but for many it is the remedy for tired rooms, jaded property and the opportunity to be creative in rebuilding, adding on, or repairing damage sustained during the Winter months. For those for whom property as their business this applies no less as business assets need to be kept habitable, safe and legal.
Photo Balloons
Photo Balloons
Looking for something a bit special for a celebration? Penco in Hitchin now offer helium filled foil balloons with personalised image and message whilst you wait.
Think before you throw things away. Can a family in need put them to good use? Ask Hitchin Volunteer Army and see if they can put the item to good use.
In with the new and out with the old. Christmas Trees and collection dates in Hitchin in 2013
So as we go into February and Valentines Day approaches, will you being telling that someone special that you love them? It's nice to hear someone saying nice things about you isn't it? But we just don't do it enough. Why not show the local independent businesses in Hitchin that you love them in the next 14 days and you could win some great prizes!
Nicola Prebble has been manager at The White Wardrobe for many years and recently took ownership. She is the life and soul of the business and we wanted to find out a bit more about her and what makes her tick.
What would you do with £400 to spend in Hitchin? You can treat yourself to that new outfit, have a lovely meal, pamper yourself! The list is endless & thanks to Hitchin businesses this Christmas it is all possible.
Hitchin Wine and Food Festival
Hitchin Wine and Food Festival
Now a firm fixture in the Town’s social calendar the Hitchin Wine and Food Festival takes place this year on Saturday 24th November 2012. This is our 4th year and we think our best ever!
Sometimes being a 'carer' can be a lonely life with social isolation and stress. Hitchin based Crossroads Care are launching a new project to help carers with IT Skills such as on-line shopping, internet banking or social media.
Brilliant turn out for the first Hitchin Sport Relief Mile held on 25th March. A day to bring families together and raise some much needed cash for charity. Read about my journey around the field here ....
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