Would you choose a Carbon Positive Accountant?
30th April 2021
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Would it make you feel great knowing that your accountant is actively striving to miminise their impact on the environment and by choosing to partner with them would help the planet just a tiny bit more by a tree being planted?

HB Accountants are proud to celebrate our Carbon Positive Business programme. We want to be part of delivering a sustainable future for the spaceship we live on called Earth. We need to continue to think about the environmental impacts of our business and continue to champion positive changes.

One of HB Accountants Corporate Social Responsibility programmes is our Carbon Positive Business (CPB) Programme. We are accountable accountants and are striving to minimize the impact we have on our environment.

CPB Programme – Carbon Positive Business

We have reduced business travel by encouraging digital meetings, our directors have moved over to fully electric vehicles, we organise a “car share to work” (Covid19 Safety Guidelines permitting).

We use plants in our office to create a more healthy & calming environment to work in.

We provide our team and clients with reusable bags, we have increased the amount of waste we recycle, are moving towards a paperless office and the paper we do use is sourced responsibly using Cowan’s Blue Marble Initiative.

What more can we do to deliver a sustainable future?

To expand what HB Accountants are already doing, the next step is to plant a tree for every new client signed, this is for the planet, for us and for you.

Why a tree? Planting a tree contributes to reducing emissions, these hardy plants work hard to lock up carbon. New trees also open up new habitats for wildlife. At present we are proud to partner with The National Trust and we will plant a sapling, dedicated to you or your business, when you engage with us as your accountant, tax adviser, auditor or payroll provider.

One of the greatest threats to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it – let’s be accountable together.

We are here to help support and grow your business by giving you access to experienced accountants and useful information no matter your business size or sector.

Please feel free to contact the team on 01992 444466.  We’re accountants for business and we’re here to help you grow.

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