Win! £165 worth of ultimate relaxtion treatment, with a local therapist!
26th January 2012
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Do you know anyone who is stressed?  Maybe it’s you?  What do you do to feel relaxed, run a hot bath?  Go for a long walk?


Did you know that the body stores up your stress, and then turns it into aches and pains?  It’s the body’s way of releasing the pent up stress that accumulates through modern life.  Your muscles and joints usually feel the brunt of this release and react by sending pain signals to your brain.


As much as hot baths, long walks and holidays can help, sometimes it just means wallpapering over the cracks, but there is a solution!  Body Stress Release by Charlotte Richardson-Knott.  To find out exactly what Body Stress Release or BSR is and how it can help you click here.


Charlotte has come up with the ultimate  Valentine’s Day competition to help those that are stressed out in life!


All you need to do is......


•    Nominate someone who is or has gone through a lot of stress recently, who would really benefit from BSR.
•    If you don’t know anyone who may benefit, you can of course nominate yourself!
•    Then, if you’re lucky enough to win of course,  use the prize within 2 months.



Simple!  But what is the prize?  I hear you cry!



The prize.......


•    3 sessions of Body Stress Release by experienced and certified member of the International Stress Management Association, Charlotte Richardson-Knott.  Which comes to a total value of £165.00
•    That’s 4.5 hours of experiencing this magical treatment at the hands of someone who has been practicing BSR for over 10 years.



How to nominate and enter.......



•    Please email thebestofhertford on: with the person you wish to nominate and their contact details, plus your details (for a little something extra for your kindness!)
•    Please ensure that your entry is in by 13th February 2012.



The winner will be announced on the 14th February 2012.

Good luck!

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