Why Ware To Do Business networking?
18th August 2011
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Why Ware To Do Business?


As summer hits us full swing, or at least the summer season, if only the weather would join in, we had a small yet very interesting networking meeting today.


There was a new visitor which is always a good sign and his business is very interesting too.


It was encouraging to see that people are still keen to network even though this is summer time and many people were away. It’s something that makes Ware to do Business a positive and supporting place to be. I’ve heard that a few local networking meetings have been cancelled over the holiday period because numbers are too low.

At WTDB we continue to meet.


Apart from the usual 60 seconds from everyone present and an informative presentation by Simon Childs of Vandecom, we took time for referrals and testimonial.

This to me showed WTDB at its best.


One of our members had to leave before the end as he had a prior engagement (a testament to our membership secretary and his commitment that he came to the meeting for a short while). Even though he was no longer present there was a testimonial about his business which then ended in a discussion about the benefits of taking advantage of his business.


It showed that we all understand what he has to offer and that the testimonials are not about feeling obliged and looking good. It’s about genuine support and gratitude for the services/products purchased. There were other testimonials for absent members too, all showing that we use each other, think about each other and support each other.


I have to say that I would say Ware to Do Business is the best local networking around. There are no joining fees, after attending 13 meetings out of a possible 24 you get to be a member. Which means you can put your details on our website. However, visitors are always welcome and we have several regulars that don’t quite qualify for membership. You are of course welcome to give us a try at any time; you will always get a warm welcome.

All we ask is that you book online from www.waretodobusiness.co.uk.

It’s simple and easy to pay via PayPal and your breakfast will be reserved.


As mentioned before Vandecom were our featured member business this week.


This company can satisfy all your telecom needs, using top notch technology allowing you to move away from fixed telephone lines and numbers. 

They offer excellent customer service constructing you a telecom package built on your exact business needs using their extensive knowledge and ability. 

One good thing about their product is that it’s easily upgradeable, even done remotely and without any disruption to your business. This means that you will always have the best technology and services once you switch to Vandecom.


Their specialisation is in VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means that you can make very cheap calls anywhere in the world using broadband. This allows for transferable numbers, which means that your company can grow and expand yet still keep the same numbers, even if you move premises. It allows your employees to work from home and use numbers directly from their laptops. All that required in a broadband connection. Vandecom can arrange mobile broadband too!

This service is speedy, as in all voice data is quickly transferred, meaning that there are no drops or delays. 


Other services include mobile, mobile broadband and broadband, which means you can have all your services on one bill. There is also a sophisticated call management system on their server which is very easy to use and has many features.



Other businesses present were


Body Stress Release and Emergentics




Nutritional Health Solutions 


5 Elements Global Ltd 




Full Circle TV


Outside the Box Education


The Best of Hertford


Giddings Lane Will Writing


Utility Warehouse


Finance Confidential


TASS, transport and storage solutions 



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