Why groups matter on Facebook, and what you should be doing about them
1st October 2018
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If you spend any time at all on Facebook then you’ve probably noticed that there are different types of Facebook groups – you might even belong to some of them. What you may not have thought about, though, is that Facebook groups can be a great way to promote your business. Let’s have a look at the different types of group, and how you could use them:

1. Open Groups
Anyone can see this type of group. They can see who belongs to the group, and they can see what group members post. If you set up an open group aimed at your target market, for example, pet owners within a 10 mile radius of Hertford, then you could use it to build awareness of your business, interest in your brand, and your authority in the market place. This type of group is best if you want to establish yourself as an expert, and get yourself known as the ‘go to’ person locally. Focus on interacting with and providing advice to other group members, but don’t sell!

2. Closed Groups
Again, anyone can see this type of group, and they can see who belongs to it. However only members of the group can see posts, so it’s a bit like being a member of an exclusive community. New membership requests have to be approved by an existing group member or administrator. These types of groups are best used for things like for customer support and problem solving.

3. Secret Groups
Only members of the group can see the group, who belongs to it, and what group members post. The only way you can join a secret group is to be invited by an existing member. Secret groups are great for confidential, members-only discussions. You could use this type of group for company employees, teams within your company, for networking purposes, or for keeping in touch with premium members of a subscription service, for example.


If you need help or advice on setting up a Facebook group for your business, then just let me know!


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