Why cleansing is important in a skincare routine
3rd January 2023
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A cleansing routine is really important in a skin care regime to keep your skin clean and free from pollutants and to help any moisturiser that you may be using to do it’s job effectively.

A cleanser can come in different forms but will lift dust, dirt, pollution and make up from the surface of your skin leaving it fresh and clean. It can also help to control oily residues on your skin if it is oily and it can leave your skin feeling more comfortable if you have a dry skin.

Your skin type might determine the type of cleanser you might use, they generally come in two different formulas, a gel or foaming cleanser or a cream cleanser. An oily or young skin might prefer a gel or foaming cleanser, whereas a dry or more mature skin might like to use a cream cleanser, although there are no hard and fast rules, it’s all down to preference.

A cleanser may also contain an exfoliator, which, if specified a daily cleanser, is fine to use on a daily basis.

As for usage, both should be warmed in the palms of the hands before applying to your face, a gel or foaming cleanser in wet hands, a cream in dry hands, then starting at the forehead rub gently in circular motions across the forehead around the eye socket down the nose paying particular attention to around the nostrils, across the cheek area and down onto the chin and neck, again paying attention to the crease in the chin.

A separate eye remover lotion should be used to remove eye make up, as the eye can be more sensitive and should have a product that won’t cause any stinging to the eye, as well as have plenty of slip so the delicate skin doesn’t drag and have the ability to ‘melt’ eye make up without having to scrub at them.

A gel or foaming cleanser should then be removed with a face cloth, damp cotton wool or by splashing the face with warm water. A cream cleanser is removed with damp cotton wool or a face cloth. Face cloths should be regularly sanitised so the risk of bacteria is lessened, they should also be allowed to dry out totally after each use.

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