Where to Buy A Real Christmas Tree
5th December 2018
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There’s just nothing like the smell of a real Christmas tree when you walk in the house but maybe you are  put off thinking that you will spend the whole Christmas holiday vacuuming up needles which get everywhere including on the cat.

Not so my friend, there is of course the good old traditional variety which do drop their needles quicker than Santa drops down your chimney, but there are also varieties which hold onto their needles for the whole of Christmas and well into the New Year.  And so if you’re planning on having a real tree but don’t know which variety or where to buy one, then this is for you!

As a quick guide to which varieties drop and which don’t then this may help:

Best for low needle drop - the Noble Fir, Nordman Fir, Douglas Fir and Lodge Pole Pine

Traditional but will drop - the Norway Spruce loses needles more quickly than the others in a hot room. 

Places to buy your real tree near Hertford and Ware:

Tree Heritage
North Road, Hertford
01992 550941

Crown Topiary
234 North Rd., Hertford SG14 2PW
01992 501055

Bengeo Nursery
Bengeo Garden Centre, Sacombe Rd
01992 534624

Westmill farm
Ware SG12 0ES
01920 468668

Priorswood Clematis Nursery
Widbury Hill, Ware SG12 7QH
01920 461543

Van Hage Garden Centre
Pepper Hill, Great Amwell, Ware SG12 9RP
01920 870811

Dane End Christmas Tree Farm
Dane End, Ware SG12 0FF
01920 438256

Festive Trees Hertfordshire
Hooks Cross, Watton at Stone, Hertford SG14 3RY
07931 454515

See Part 2 of our Christmas blogs - 12 Steps on what to look for when buying a real tree and keeping it safe.

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