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11th July 2011
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Welcome to the new Results FAST blog at the Best of Hertford.

In these posts we will be looking to answers any questions people in the local area may have about their fitness, exercise and nutrition as well as offering sound training and dietary advice.

Our gym in Ware offers a unique aproach to fitness whereby all of our members have access to personalised fitness training in motivating small groups or on an individual basis for only the price of a standard gym membership.

Our goal is to offer structured, functional and inspiring exercise to the local community by allowing everyone the opportunity to learn safe, effective and fun ways to keep fit without risking injury or being confined to the regular gym routines you have followed for years.

As part of our intention to reach as far into the community as possible we hope to use this blog as a means by which to help people find the answers to their long term fitness frustrations.

If you have any specific questions please leave them in the comments section of this post and we will endevour to answers as many of them as we can over time.

We will be back very soon with our first full post, until then, stay healthy!

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