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4th May 2012
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Hello Best of Hertford Users!!!


We would like to take this opportunity to give Kids Camp a little bit of an introduction to you all so that you can get a real feel for what Kids Camp is, and our approach to childcare.


Essentially as an After School Club based in Hertford we carry out the function of allowing parents of Hertford school children an option for childcare before and after school, however, the Kids Camp childcare experience is so much more than that:


Kids Camp is an entirely independent organisation.   We are based off school premises allowing many advantages for all our clients – the children we care for, the parents/carers of our Kids Camp children and the schools we drop off to and pick up from.   


As a Breakfast and After School Club which serves more  than one school in Hertford, children attending Kids Camp are given an opportunity to enrich their social skills by making friends outside of their school, which is important for building and improving their confidence.    The fact that we are not based at a school also allows Kids Camp children the opportunity to have a break in their day from feeling like they are at school for the longer childcare day.   


Parents can be confident in the knowledge that we are able to open on days school based childcare provisions will not be open, such as strike and polling days, this allows parents to have the flexibility they need when it comes to childcare.   Kids Camp is also the ONLY childcare provision in Hertford to be open 51 weeks THROUGHOUT the year – Kids Camp is open during all school holidays except the week between Christmas and New Year.  


Kids Camp is able to collect children from Hertford schools which allow these school communities to be supported in the best way possible by having the widest range of childcare options available to them.


Another great aspect of the Kids Camp service is the ability to support emergency childcare needs.  Kids Camp retain a proportion of spaces everyday to support parents who need to make ad hoc bookings.   We all know there are situations which crop up last minute which you just don’t foresee, but as a parent you can be confident that Kids Camp will be able to step in and help you with your childcare needs – we are like the 999 emergency childcare option!  


Kids Camp has an “old fashioned” focus when it comes to how we support children in learning and entertaining themselves.  We live in a world where children have lots of different ways to amuse themselves.   The range of options is endless and is becoming more and more focused towards electronically based entertainment.   At Kids Camp we encourage children to find ways to learn and entertain themselves which develop and flex their creative muscles.   We like Kids Camp children to be able to be able to make amusement using the most important assets they have – their minds and their imaginations.   Too often children will claim to be bored because they are so used to the constant bombardment and stimulation that today’s society creates for us and this is often at the expense of cultivating and developing the more simple joys of childhood.  At Kids Camp we promote the simple joys of youth, creative and role play, outdoor games, reading, storytelling, cooking and exploring the world around us.   We believe that this approach to childcare is something that needs to be cherished and maintained.


The most important aspect of the Kids Camp experience needs to be fun; fun for the children that attend and fun for the parents/carers who come and collect their charges.  We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome and looked after, we aim to be able to meet your needs as closely as possible, if you have any questions or special requests, please just get in touch with us and ask, if we don’t know how just now, we will make sure to find out.


We look forward to working together with you very soon to build a brighter future for our leaders of tomorrow!!!


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