Watermelon Tourmaline
17th June 2015
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As flippant as it sounds, sometimes we have the odd precious or semi-precious stone “hanging around” It’s always a lovely stone that has taken our fancy at some point along the way and we have snapped it up when we could, thinking “what can we do with that?” comes later.

This ring was made solely for a bi-colour watermelon tourmaline we had been admiring in our collection for a while.

It’s always important for us to consider the properties of the stone when designing a piece to be worn. It is our idea that all of our designs must be functional for everyday use, it’s never ideal to have to tell someone that they can’t show off their jewellery too often. We like our pieces to be seen and of course the best advertising comes from word of mouth. Due to the hardness of the stone it was appropriate to put into a ring which is perhaps what we sell the most out of all pieces of jewellery.

Our second CAD programme played a part in the design of this ring, using an electronic catalogue if you will, this ring was made on the computer with changes being able to be made instantly. As we had our stone we were able to take the dimensions and use them on screen to give us a scale image and instant quote of how much this ring would cost. We simply chose our metal and rendered the image to give us a more realistic view. 

We surrounded the emerald cut Tourmaline with diamonds to give it a dressier feel and made the ring more unusual by turning the setting horizontal. The stone is fairly large which is often the case with a coloured centre stone as they generally don’t cost as much as diamonds. Adding some diamonds and a split shank to this ring made it very special and very different to anything else existing in our collection.

This ring now lives in our collection, it is available to buy, selling it would be a bitter sweet moment as it’s a favourite among our staff but it certainly deserves a finger to sit on and show off proudly.

Our design service is free and can be used while you are present, ask one of our members of staff to walk you through the process. Its very eye opening as to what is possible in the jewellery world and how you can personalise practically anything about your design.
It’s ideal for couples who wish to design an engagement ring!

For more information call us on: 01992 534555 or come in and visit us at Lance James Jewellers, 15 Market Place, Hertford.

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