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6th February 2011
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As the new chair of this fantastic networking group that meets fortnightly at the Roebuck hotel in Ware, (7.30am every other Tuesday) I thought it would be nice to write something about it.


Our lovely vice chair, writes a detailed blog after each meeting which is posted on the website (www.waretodobusiness.co.uk/blog.php) I have no intention of competing with his fine words. I just thought it would nice to give you an insight into what you might be missing and to maybe whet your appetite in the hope you’ll join us bright and early one fine Tuesday morning.


This friendly yet professional group starts with a 60 second (or thereabouts) blast of information about each business present.


At the last meeting you could find out about:

A brand new yoga class for all abilities starting in March in the centre of Hertford. It’s gentle and relaxing and yet will build strength.

Our man who deals with debt issues doesn’t get depressed in his job because every day he can see the stress lifted from people as he is the knight in a shining suit with the answers to their problems.

Geographical numbers in desirable areas are the way to go, can be achieved quite reasonably priced and will give your business some Kudos……………….so Ware and Hertford numbers abound?

Monday’s is Google day! Did you know that? It’s the day our website man will check your listings and apply changes to make sure you get the best from search engines.

Our accountant went to the seaside on the day all the Tax returns had to be in, because he knew that all the ones he was responsible for were done! Don’t forget to pay your tax bill!!!!

A new larger home for all your storage and transport solutions has been finalised, leaving that particular business owner looking haggard (her words) but satisfied and excited about new avenues.

Views on the latest Aviva ad were sought by our financial planner. He also needs twitterers (is that a real word?)

Business IT is simple with our all-encompassing IT guy. He knows his stuff and can satisfy any businesses IT needs, big or small.

A secure retirement is guaranteed by investing in overseas properties in Arizona, Florida and Spain amongst others. And it won’t cost you a penny if you use your pension pot.

Steam, strip and seal! That’s for floors. And rugs and prayer mats are no challenge for a master rug cleaner.

Our fitness expert is not an airhead! (No one thought that anyway) With her “previous life” background and skills she can identify an individual’s personal needs and what fitness means to them. She’ll then tailor a programme to suit. Boot camp will sort you out too.

Insurance is local in Ware! The advice is local anyway; the insurance is global to find the best policy for all your needs. Free reviews are available.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can change your life by improving your mental health.

Apparently you don’t need to have millions like the football clubs do, to make positive changes in your business. All you need is to be a part of The Best Of Hertford! I can vouch for that.

And yours truly talked of essential oils for transforming energy in a room and that meditation is good for you!


After a healthy breakfast (for me anyway) we moved on to our 15 minute presentation about discovering the colour of your brain! That’s a system for uncovering where your strengths and challenges lie in terms of thinking and behaviour. Once discovered there is a programme to follow that will help cultivate your more challenging areas.


We then moved on to some constitutional updates that now allow more people to be members of this ever growing group. Benefits of membership are having a presence on our website, another avenue for advertising http://www.waretodobusiness.co.uk/members.php. As well as being able to give a presentation to the group to promote your business. Oh and you can also vote for the committee and take your place on the committee. Maybe you will be the next chair!


And remember, there is no joining fee for this group. You book online easily and simply from the website www.waretodobusiness.co.uk and can pay using PayPal. It’s just £10 for all that business potential, all that support and friendship and breakfast is in too! Can’t be bad.


Our next meeting is on the 15th February, when we will have a guest speaker giving us some insight into making a fabulous 60 second presentation.


If you have a business in Hertford or Ware, why don’t you join us?

Looking forward to meeting you




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