Want a perfect tasting Christmas dinner?
29th November 2010
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How often do you clean your oven?  I mean really clean it?  From top to bottom?  Not too often I bet!


Have you noticed though how much better your meals taste after your oven has been cleaned?  Why is this?  Well the thick grease and cooking debris that build up over the months affect your ovens performance in getting to the correct temperature required for perfect results.  When cooking dishes at low temperatures over a long time (such as lamb shank) this grease and debri build up can affect directly how food tastes, so it's essential to keep an clean oven.


Apart from being extremely hard work, it's also very time consuming to clean an oven, and the products can mount up in price.  Enter the Happy House Cleaners!  Let the team at Happy House Cleaners clean your oven for a remarkable price of just £20 throughout December and January.  They will not only clean the inside of your oven, but all oven trays as well (which can be particularly awkward) and also the top hob part regardless of whether it's a gas or electric oven.


This is exceptional value!  Just £20 for a complete oven clean by the Happy House Cleaners throughout December and January, get it cleaned before Christmas for the best cooking results this Christmas Day! 

Call Happy House Cleaners now on 0800 6124127 and get the perfect clean oven for just £20!

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