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31st January 2018
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If you thought driverless technology and automated cars are science fiction, you need to take a look at some of the proposed changes to the Highway Code.

Thanks to tech companies like Google, the pace of driverless vehicle development has hit top speed forcing the Government to act by creating a new department – the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Live trials are even taking place in the borough of Greenwich, which has been branded the UK Smart Mobility Living Lab.

However, before automated vehicles can safely take to our streets the legal framework covering our highways needs to be updated to deal with the consequences. That’s why the Government has released proposals covering remote control parking and motorway assist systems.

As you know, the use of mobile phones while at the wheel is banned, so the Highway Code needs to be changed to allow people to park their vehicles via remote control. This technology is already available and could be a great benefit to drivers with mobility issues.

Motorway assist technology is designed to provide better fuel efficiency through smoother and more precise use of throttle, plus greater safety due to enhanced collision detection systems. The whole idea is to make our motorways greener and safer, which is good news for everyone. 

The key thing to remember about these advanced technologies is that you - the driver - are still responsible for the vehicle and MUST exercise full control over these systems at all times. You will not be able to blame the car or your smartphone if something goes wrong.

In order to educate the next generation of motorists, the driving test has been changed to reflect the growing use of technology, with the addition of a satellite navigation element. More developments are in the pipeline, so the need for proper training from a motoring professional is more important than ever before.  

Steve Hunter owns Pelican School of Motoring who have been successfully teaching people to drive since 1992, and they have therefore acquired vast knowledge and experience helping people of all abilities. Call 01992 589783 or 07958 449325.

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