To Signal or Not To Signal
4th November 2015
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Seriously though, because I am out and about most days doing lessons my exposure to the antics of other drivers is probably more than average. Today as with all days I lost count of the number of times drivers failed to signal or signalled incorrectly especially at roundabouts and when changing lanes. Learner drivers tend to notice this and often comment on it because being inexperienced they rely much more on the signals of other drivers to tell which way they intend to go. Us more experienced drivers are better able to read situations. We can often tell which direction a vehicle is likely to take by reading the body language of the vehicle e.g. speed, road position, angle of wheels etc even if there is no signal. 

So please signal. The purpose of signals is to inform other road users (this includes cyclists and pedestrians) you intend to change direction and what that direction is, so they should be clear, correct and given in good time.

If you need refreshing here is a reminder for signalling at roundabouts:

To turn left approach in left hand lane give a left signal.

To go straight on or follow the road ahead approach in left hand lane with no signal give a left signal as you pass the exit before the one you want.

To turn right approach in the right hand lane with a right signal then swap to a left signal as you pass the exit before the one you want.

For small and mini roundabouts where there are no lanes you only need to give a left signal to exit when going straight on or turning right if there is time.

For multiple exit roundabouts with dedicated lanes with destinations painted in the lanes you only need to signal if changing lanes.




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