Tips on hairy scary roundabouts for the hesitant
29th February 2016
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If you find large, busy, multiple exit roundabouts scary, try applying the LADA routine to help you deal safely and effectively with these junctions.

To deal with any roundabout safely does require good use of speed and gears, as well as adjusting your approach speed to be able to filter in safely with the flow of traffic on the roundabout.

So the first thing to do on approach to any roundabout is to go through the Mirror Signal Position Speed/Gear Look routine. Then you need to apply the LADA routine.

LOOK - Take good, effective observation as early as possible.

ASSESS - At any roundabout you must give way to traffic on your right but look and assess the overall situation at the roundabout. It may be all clear in which case you can keep going or you may have vehicles in front of you to take account of.  You must also be aware of any vehicles already on the roundabout or on one of the approaches on your right which are going to be on the roundabout before you in which case be prepared to give way. 

DECIDE- You have gathered all the information so it is now important you make a decision on the best course of action to take.

ACT - Be positive and act upon your decision. Being indecisive now will result in you being hesitant and may confuse other drivers.


If you are having professional driving instruction your instructor will be able to help and advise you on the LADA routine. Remember they will also have the benefit of dual controls if it all goes wrong, but with practise you should find this routine will help you avoid being hesitant and conquer roundabouts and gain the confidence that you may currently lack.


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