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14th August 2019
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We're going right back to basics for our first Tuesday Tip with the Golden 10 minutes...

When your business gets a new lead or enquiry - how long does it take you to get back to them?

An hour? A day? A week?!

Here are some eye watering statistics:

If you call a lead within 10 minutes of them enquiring with you (submitting the form/requesting the call etc) - you have a 92% chance of getting hold of them.

If you call a lead just 30 minutes after the enquiry, that drops to 65%.

If you wait two hours (which most people would consider to be a great result!), you're down to a 39% chance of them ever answering the phone.

Imagine how low the number drops after just one day or even a week... (it's scary!).

The SPEED of your follow up will directly impact the number of sales you make.

Leads and enquiries have a 'half-life'. Their value diminishes - by the minute!

Your conversion rates will reduce with every hour that you sit on a lead before reaching out/responding to it.

So get your team on standby - because you want to be sure you're following up with leads in those golden 10 minutes...

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