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27th December 2010
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Worming treatment

It is important to worm your dogs and cats all year round.  Worms carried by dogs and cats pose a health risk to your pet, you and your family, and other people and animals.  

There is a wide range of parasitic worms, many of which can be passed to humans with rare, but potentially serious, health consequences.  

The main human health risk is from the roundworm, with regular worming of your pet being the only practical method of control.

When travelling abroad, our pets are exposed to many parasites that are not usually found in the UK.  The law requires that all travelling cats and dogs are wormed to prevent the spread of foreign parasites to the UK.

The Chestnut Veterinary Group, in Ware and Hertford, recommends worming you pet every 3 months.  They are currently offering 25% off a four pack of veterinary recommended worming treatment.  Visit Chestnut Vets to pick up your pet’s wormers, or if your pet isn’t yet registered there, phone to make an appointment for a free worming treatment check-up.  

For more advice call The Chestnut Veterinary Group on 01920 468874. Or visit The Chestnut Veterinary Group's thebestof Hertford feature by clicking here


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