The Successful Landlord's Forum – why did it take us so long?
31st August 2015
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Do you ever put off doing something knowing all the time that you should do that thing, and there's no good reason not to but still you don't?  Yes? Good, because that's how we've been for about four years about one specific thing.  We've talked about it, we've planned it a bit, we considered different ideas about it and we've agreed it would be a good idea.  We've spoken to other people and they've agreed it would be a good and useful thing to do but we still haven't – until now!  Oh, in case you're wondering, the 'thing' that we've been delaying doing is putting on a small seminar for local landlords.

So, you may be wondering what has made us do something about it at last, well I have to be honest and explain because we can't take the credit for this in fact it is entirely down to our friends at Longmores Solicitors who regularly put on various interesting seminars and it seemed like a very good idea to join forces and do one together which would would be more useful to the people coming along than if we did them separately.  

To add to the usefulness of the seminar we have invited two people to also talk who are very experienced in what they do and have great personalities so they will be enjoyable to listen to even if you know the subject matter already.  They are David Suckling from DSCO Accountants whose talk is titled 'Tax considerations on residential lettings' and Richard Marks from Residence Mortgages and Financial Services whose talk is called 'Financing Your Rental Property'.

There will also be Amy Ferraby-Green and John Wagstaffe from Longmores doing two talks called 'The Tenancy Agreement' and 'Ending The Tenancy' both hugely important areas of renting and letting if you want to avoid ending up in court and on the wrong side of some prison bars.

Our talks are 'Finding The Right Tenant for your Rental Property' and 'Managing Your Rental Property Effectively'.  Both subjects you may or may not already know quite a lot about already, but hopefully there will be something you'll take away which will be useful. 

Don't worry, it may sound like there's going to be a lot of talk and about I'm guessing you think this is going to go for about four hours!  Well no, we are keeping the talks to about 15 minutes, there will be a short coffee break half way and then at the end we're finishing up with refreshments for anyone who wants to stay on a little longer to ask additional questions or to speak with other people there.

Also, it's going to be very informal and relaxed actually that's why we haven't officially called it a seminar but instead it's a forum.  So to encourage everyone to feel comfortable and to keep it interesting, we would love to hear you speak up if you have any questions at any time during any of the talks or afterwards.  We don't want it to be boring and stuffy so this is why we're not expecting you to sit there waiting for us to stop talking before you can ask anything, we hope you'll join in and ask lots of questions that other people may be wanting to ask but to nervous to say anything.

So, we think we are covering most of the major issues with owning a rental property as the subject matters for the talks are pretty varied and the information is what every landlord needs to know, therefore there should be something for anyone who is either considering buying a rental property or who has been a landlord for years and it's FREE!

If you'd like to come along then just drop an email saying how many seats you'd like to reserve to  Do it quickly though as there is limited seating and quite a few have already been taken.

If you have any questions about the forum then please don't hesitate to get in touch either with us at or and we'll be pleased to help.

Date: 16th September

Time: 3.30-5.30pm

Venue: Longmores Solicitors, Castle Street, Hertford

Cost: Free

Do you need to book? - Yes!

Hope to see you there!

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