The Practical Driving Test - True or False (Part 1)
1st March 2017
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There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the practical driving test - can you sort the fact from fiction?


1. The cost of a test is £62.

2. The test will last approximately 30 minutes.

3. The test is to assess if you are safe and competent enough to drive independently.

4. Less than 50% of tests are booked on line.

5. The most common reason for failing a test is speeding.

6. Most people will be nervous and the examiner will take this into consideration.

7. You are required to read a number plate from 10 metres

8. You will be allowed up to 15 minor driving errors.

9. If the examiner intervenes either verbally or physically during the test you will fail.

10. You will be asked to demonstrate two manoeuvres during the test.



1) True - but evening/weekend and bank holiday tests are £75.  2) False, the test will last approximately 40 minutes.  3) True.  4) False, over 80%  5) False, the most common reasons for failing a test are observations at junctions and moving off.  6) True.  7) False, you are required to read a number plate from 21 metres.  8) True.  9) True.  10) False, you are only required to demonstrate one manoeuvre chased by the examiner.

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