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15th October 2011
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Ware to Do Business 11th October 2011


A bright autumn morning greeted us as we arrived at the Roebuck for our fortnightly meeting. As ever, a good crowd gathered.

For this non morning person, it’s such a joy to see so many smiling faces all greeting each other. 


There were the old faithfuls (one of whom reminded us that he was a 100% attender), some general regulars and a newbie. There is always such a vibrant mix of people at this group; it’s one of the reasons that I drag myself out of bed on a Tuesday morning. Everyone is so supporting and so welcoming. The businesses represented are diverse, from accountants and financial advisors to IT people, printers and wellbeing practitioners and of course everyone in between.


It’s an open group, so there is no limit to professions represented. When they are duplicated, they work together using their differences to support each other. There is always a sense of sharing and knowing that there is enough “business” to go around for everyone.


At the end of the meeting there are always plenty of referrals and testimonials for those in attendance (and sometimes for those that are not!). It’s a group where business is done. People use each other in the group and not just because they feel obliged to. Friendships are forged and newcomers always feel welcomed.


I can vouch for this accommodating and supportive group, as I was the speaker this week. As my business is at a place of change right now, my presentation was not usual. I asked everyone to join me in a visualisation that allows us to connect with our breath, the one thing that Unites us all.

Every single person there closed their eyes and joined in. They were all game to support me in what I do and experience it for a few minutes. It was something that meant a great deal to me as I go through this time of shift. I would like to thank everyone there for their immense support.


I look forward to the next meeting on the 25th October and to meet with my WTDB buddies again.


You would be more than welcome to join us, just go to for more information and to book your place.

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