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10th July 2011
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Welcome to the Hertford blog.

As part of The Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club’s golfing tips for The Best Of Hertford blog readers, we proudly bring to you a mini series to help you improve your round score.

Today we concentrate on those who are currently shooting over 100.

If you fit into this category then you may well be new to the game or a non-serious leisure player.  The plus side to this means that you’re likely to be able to change the style of your play and drop any bad habits that you may have picked up.

The best advice that The Hertfordshire can give at this point, is to recommend lessons with a pro.  You will no doubt not 2nd guess the teacher and you’re going to be eager to learn.  If you have a good relationship with your teacher then expect to see results fairly quickly, usually within 2 months or so.

Of course the hard work is still down to you, and the commitment that’s required won’t get you to shooting below 70 for at least a couple of years.  But with a few lessons from a good coach, you can at least start on the right path.

For more information on how the professionals at The Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club can help your game, give them a call on 01992 827074 or visit their feature right here on The Best Of Hertford


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