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10th November 2013
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I’m writing about this very important subject just 50 minutes before we bow our heads in remembrance to those who have given their life in battle.


Every year at 11am Hertford comes to a poignant standstill as thousands of local people come into the town and gather around the War Memorial on remembrance Sunday. It’s a wonderful way to remember the fallen and everyone should make the effort at least once and come into town to take part.


Of course Remembrance Sunday is about remembering the sacrifices that everyone made, around the world in numerous wars across history. But what of the brave men from Hertford? Their names are listed on the memorial in Parliament Square, but do people pay much notice?


In this age of instant communication, a local business owner has decided to use Twitter to highlight the men of Hertford who gave their lives in the two World Wars. Each day he tweets a name on the memorial at 11am. There’s 564 men on the memorial, and each of them will be remembered over the next year or so. As this blog becomes live there’s already 33 men tweeted out, so there’s a long way to go. So if you use Twitter, please take a moment and follow The Hertford Memorial here: @HertfordWM.


It’s a lovely thoughtful idea that brings modern communication together with those who fought and died for us to have this freedom of communication.


Thanks to David Porter of Knight Property Management for taking the time to tweet every day and for coming up with the idea.


Thanks for reading.

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