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9th April 2011
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I recently received an email from someone who complained to me about the testimonials about the brilliant businesses featured on this site.


The email highlighted the fact that I myself had left a number of testimonials about some of the businesses.  It was mentioned that I had a conflict of interests and shouldn't leave testimonials about the businesses and leave it to others.


My response was, why?  All the testimonials I have left are completely genuine.  I'm afterall a member of the public and do have the need for some of the services these businesses provide.


I'm trying to build a trusted directory of businesses that have either been recommended by yourselves or other local businesses.  I think just 'googleing' or flicking through the Yellow Pages to look for a business is leaving yourself wide open to all sorts of problems.


I'm not saying that only cowboys advertise using those methods, but The Best Of Hertford has only trusted local companies on board, so why wouldn't I use it as a resource?


For instance I've used Julia Philpot as my osteopath for around 5 years now, she's consistently kept my back in tip top condition following surgery, so of course I'm going to write her a great testimonial.


The same applies to Barbara from 4 Elements Global.  I've been attending her meditation classes for nearly a year, they're brilliant, and something everyone should do to de-stress.


In fact I've used Lance James for my wedding rings and various gifts, Charlotte for BSR and Emergenetics, Valeting Direct, Willowmead Construction, Viva Business Networking, Leggate Associates and Chestnut Vets over the last year or so.


They are all excellent at what they do, and I believe it would class as double standards if I didn't use them.  Over time I'm sure I will need the services of other businesses on The Best Of Hertford, and when I do, I'll leave a testimonial.  As should anyone who uses them.  It's nice to say nice things about people, and it's nice for those people to be recognised for the hard work they do.


Thanks for reading.



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