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3rd April 2011
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There was an interesting story in this weeks Mercury, which alarmed and angered me.


On the front page of our brilliant local paper the headline: BIKERS NAILED


Interested I read on.  It seems that a mountain biker was out riding through Broxbourne Woods and got a puncture.  Nothing new there, but what was new was the fact he found a board covered in nails which clearly caused the punture.


It's not clear whether this was left deliberately or not, but judging from the picture below, it's not the sort of thing you expect to find out in the woods.


Being a biker myself and dog owner I venture into Broxbourne Woods on occasion, it alarms me that obstacles such as this are left out to get us.  Who knows what damage it could do if stepped on by dogs or walkers?


If you know anything about it please contact the local police, and in the meantime please keep vigilant - and watch your step!

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