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10th July 2011
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Welcome to the Hertford blog.


What does it take to go into business in these unstable times?


Well just take a look at one of our most recent business members, KAP Accountancy Services.  Owned by Kris Pringle, KAP Accountancy Services are a relatively recent edition to the local business community.


Since first meeting Kris at a business networking meeting a few months ago, what shines through the most about Kris is his professionalism towards his business.  When a business joins The Best Of Hertford I try and ensure that it’s been in business for at least 2 years.  Of course there are exceptions and KAP Accountancy Services were one of them.


I know that whatever client who makes the decision to use KAP Accountancy Services will experience a service second to none and a level of professionalism that is beyond what’s expected for such an important part of any businesses growth.


Although this is a fairly short blog, hopefully it puts across how good an accountant Kris and KAP really are.  If you’re just starting in business then ensure it grows as well KAP Accountancy Services has and use their services, because behind every great business is a great accountant.


Check out KAP Accountancy Services brand new website or give them a call on 01920 487958


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