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25th January 2011
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For great skin care there really is only one top tip!   Dry brush your skin before showering!  Using a dry soft brush on your skin in circular motions will stimulate the oil glands in your skin.  Be careful not to use to a to harsh brush and start from the feet up.  Finish off with a moisturizer that compliments your skin type afterwards.


Exofoliating is also key!  Our skin comes into contact regularly with all sorts of nasty pollution from the outside world, so scrub it off!  This will help your skin to breathe and feel and look cleaner everyday.


Foundation is the basis of great make up, get this wrong and the whole process goes wrong.  To pick the perfect foundation cream test a small amount on the inside of your wrist, this area is smooth and flawless and gives a great indication of how the foundation will look when applied to your face.


Part of looking great is also feeling great!  Eating healthily and exercising regularly keep you in a healthy mindset.  When you feel great, you look great too!


For more top tips on beauty care, visit Indulgence Professional Beauty Care in Hertford, or call them on 01992 500220 or visit their feature on The Best Of Hertford here!

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