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28th January 2011
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Today we talk about rational thinking.  We all experience it, thinking irrationally.  It leads to us believing things that simply aren't true.  This affects our lives and our loved ones lives too.  Thinking irrationally can lead to relationship break ups, friendship break ups and result in jobs being lost.

What do I mean by thinking irrationally?  Well perhaps the last time you sent an important email and it didn't get replied to.  You're thinking, oh no why are they ignoring me!  Don't they realise how important this email is!!  But think about how you respond to emails.  They are very easy to overlook, accidently delete or quickly glance through and decide to deal with later.  But when it's you sending the email it's another story!  You overlook those rational responses and immediately think it's been ignored.

How about the person that parked their car across two spaces in Tesco’s.  You've driven around that car park for ages looking for a space and the only one available is the one that's blocked by the other car!  You start thinking how inconsiderate can you get!  This person must be a complete moron to park like that, can't they see how busy it is here!  Now what am I going to do?  But perhaps if you'd arrived 15 minutes earlier you would have seen the car being forced to park across 2 bays because the other 3 cars on its left are parked unevenly!  It's not the drivers fault it’s the other drivers fault, but now they've gone only one car looks badly parked.

These are only examples of things we experience everyday in life.  Sometimes depending on our mood we just think hey ho life goes on, but other times we think HOW DARE THEY!!!  Or WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!!!  But the truth is it doesn't always happen, and it also happens to everyone else too!

The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Partnership (or CBT for short) are based in Hertford and are specialised to teach how mindfulness training can help an individual deal with irrational thoughts that can lead to devastating events in their lives.  They run monthly lectures on the subject and teach group therapy and one to one as well.  Give Lynne or Henck van Bilsen a call and discuss if you can benefit from mindfulness training on 01992 552022 or visit their feature right here on The Best Of Hertford and find out more about them.


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