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15th January 2011
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Welcome back to Mr Percy’s rational take on life.

Mr Percy’s owner – Zee worked with a lady called Theresa.  Zee really like Theresa and wanted to get to know her better.


No big deal there, we all know people we want to get to know better.  In fact Theresa was having a big party in a few weeks time and was busily sending out invites.  Zee checked his mail everyday for his invite and each day it didn’t show he got more and more frustrated.


“Why is she ignoring me?  Everyone else from work is going except for me!  She must think I’m a right loser!  Why can’t people just except me for who I am?”


Zee went into emotional overdrive.  He felt anxious and angry at the same time.  He came to the irrational conclusion that Theresa didn’t like him and he became angry with her because she didn’t except him for who he was.


But the fact was, the invite was just delayed in the post.  Mr Percy picked it up from the mat and followed Zee around the house trying to get his attention.  But all Zee was interested in was beating himself up. 


This is called self defeating behaviour, and it’s very common.  We all want to be liked and accepted.  Most of the time people do accept us, no one is perfect.  


So the next time you’re waiting for that invite and it hasn’t shown, think a minute.  Maybe it got lost, maybe you were unintentionally overlooked from the invite list.  It maybe doesn’t   mean you’re not wanted there.


For more information on rational thinking please call The CBT Partnership in Hertford on 01992 552022 or visit their website by clicking here.


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