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16th February 2011
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The Hertford Blog - Mindfulness, Behaviour Therapy & Rational Thinking

Mindfulness, behaviour therapy and rational thinking, all three have one thing in common. All of them are related to the mind and each has a different concept and theory.

There are quite a number of people who stay focused on their past or dwell about their future rather than being in the present and thinking about the here and now. Staying and pondering over a different time period leads to an unawareness of the present conditions and surroundings. A person misses the experiences he goes through at the present time. The art and practice of staying in the moment is mindfulness.  This practice allows one to accept his surroundings and responsibilities as they are, instead of changing them. 

Mindfulness cannot be deemed as a relaxation technique, it is simply the art of being present at that moment. But people suffering from chronic depression and borderline personality disorder can benefit from this practice. Mindfulness is a means for people to lead a life of quality and health. 

Similarly behaviour therapy involves identifying maladaptive and overt behaviours and replacing them with a healthier behaviour. Behaviour modification therapy as it is also known diminishes unwanted behaviour in a being. This is a type of psychotherapy that is being used in a vast range of psychological conditions. It can be used for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), insomnia, phobic behaviour and even obesity. 


This therapy begins with a professional therapist. They analyse the patient and the reasons for the stress that the patient is facing. The patient’s behaviour is examined and once that is done, the therapist advises a proper treatment. Studies are being conducted on behaviour therapy for aiding in pain reduction and other conditions like cancer. So anyone who wants to recover from a phobia or get rid of a certain overt behavior, then opting for behaviour therapy would not be a bad choice.


Often we experience stress due to our wrong perception of situations. Negative thinking leads us into thinking wrongly about a situation or a person. Sometimes we might think right but sometimes we don’t. Jumping to wrong conclusions about people and their motives only leads to depression and unhappiness. Rational thinking is a simple tool that can help anyone in overcoming this impact of negative thinking. Rational thinking helps challenge the negative thoughts and either one learns from them or rebuts these thoughts as incorrect. Rational thinking no doubt requires a lot of will power from the person being affected. Keeping the mind on the positive side takes up a lot of effort but reaps a lot of benefits also. Focus, perception and logic are the key ingredients for healthy rational thinking.

Mindfulness, rational thinking and behaviour therapy have proven their benefits in any human being’s life. Their effect has only turned out for the best and has helped a large amount of people to lead a happy and content life.


For more information please call The Cbt Partnership in Hertford on 01992 552022 or click here to visit their feature on The Best Of Hertford and see how their mindfulness training can help with these problems.



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