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19th July 2011
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Did you watch the open this weekend?  How amazing was Darren Clarke?!?!?
He even fluffed his penultimate putt which made him go for a very short tap in to secure the coveted trophy and become the 3rd Northern Irishman to win a major in 10 months!


So how can you avoid leaving that final tap in and make your putts 1st time?  Well read on and see what the Hertfordshire recommends on how to improve your putting.


  • Keep your hands soft
  • Maintain constant pressure throughout the stroke
  • Keep your eyes over the ball
  • Keep your head and body still
  • Keep the tempo consistent
  • Keep the back of forehand and the palm of backhand facing the target throughout the shot
  • Stand tall and point your elbows towards your hips
  • Hit the ball ever so slightly on the upstroke
  • Putt with your arms, not your wrists
  • Accelerate into the ball
  • For long putts, why not aim for an intermediate target allowing you to concentrate on speed

These are just a few tips that can help you with your putting game.  But ultimately lessons are by far the best way to improve your game on all levels.

Give The Hertfordshire a call on 01992 827074 and find out how their pros can help you, or alternatively visit their feature on The Best Of Hertford


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