The Hertford Blog - How To Choose The Perfect Tile Combination For Your House In 2011
27th December 2010
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With the new year looming fast (or perhaps you're reading this in the new year?) it's the beginning of something new.  Maybe 2011 is the year that you plan to get a new kitchen or bathroom this year?


Well if it is then have you considered the tiles you plan on using?  While this may seem an easy choice to make to some it's in fact the most important decision you will have to make.  The units you pick can be changed easily enough by simply changing the doors, the white goods you choose don't really spread across a vast design range and your sink, is well a sink!  That leaves just the tiles (both floor and wall).  To change those in the future will require some major work.  So it's important to make the correct choice now.


Apart from the traditional white (you can't really go wrong with white) there are thousands of designs to choose from.  With some careful thought you can find the perfect patterned and coloured tile to suit any taste.  When choosing a tile design for your kitchen you need to consider both the floor and wall and of course are you going to have a separate tiled splash back?


You need to make sure that each pattern you pick compliments the last, they shouldn't move in opposing directions and the colours should sit well next to each other.  Consider the light issues as well.  Tiles have a glaze that shines and reflects the light so lighter coloured tiles bring added brightness to a room.


Overall though your kitchen or bathroom is just that, YOUR KITCHEN OR BATHROOM!  So go with what makes you feel comfortable.  Alternatively use an expert.  Mark from M.S Tiles is one of the finest tilers in and around Hertford.  He has tiled literally hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms in Hertford and beyond so he knows what works with what.  He will offer his experienced opinion on tile choice as well as do an amazing job in laying them.  A badly tiled floor or wall stands out a mile so don't always go with the cheapest quote, ask to see some photos of past work.  Make sure they're close ups though as a distant picture won't show up any uneven tiles.


So if you're planning to have a new kitchen or bathroom in 2011 or maybe you just want a new splash of colour then call Mark from M.S Tiles on 01707 320319 and use a tiler recommended by the public from Hertford and the surrounding area.  Or visit his thebestof Hertford feature by clicking here.



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