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17th January 2011
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Arthritis in pets

Arthritis not only affects us but also affects our dogs and cats, with similar signs being shown of pain, stiffness and joint swelling.
Arthritis is a common problem in older pets.  Pets can show signs of difficulty in getting up after resting, have trouble getting up and down stairs and may be reluctant to go for walks.   These signs are often more severe in cold, wet weather.

Most cases of arthritis are seen secondary to a lifetime of wear and tear on the joints.  Arthritis can also occur as a result of joint trauma or secondary to a malformation of the joint.  The joint cartilage breaks down and new bone is laid down around the joint causing pain and reduced movement.
It is important not to let your pet get overweight as this can put extra, unwanted pressure on the joints and make symptoms more severe.

Joint supplements are often used to support normal function of the joint and ease the symptoms of arthritis.  Seraquin is recommended by The Chestnut Veterinary Group as it contains high quality ingredients including glucocamine hydrochloride (to promote the manufacture of cartilage and synovial fluid), chondroitin (which provides cartilage building blocks) and curcumin (a natural antioxidant that reduces the damaging effects of oxidative stress).

For more advice regarding arthritis, Seraquin or weight loss, please contact The Chestnut Veterinary Group in Hertford or Ware 01920 468874.  See The Best Of Hertford for special offers on Seraquin at Chestnut Vets.

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