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24th December 2010
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Meet Mr Percy.

It's Mr Percy's job to help you see things differently.  Perhaps sometimes you think the whole world is against you that day, maybe nothing is going to plan regardless of what you try.

Over the next several weeks and months Mr Percy will be blogging away and helping you to turn what appears to be a complete disaster into something that's really quite enjoyable.

Let's start with the cancelled train, or maybe the train you missed because you got up late.  It happens to all of us, and it can appear to really mess up the day ahead.  But does it?  Perhaps it's your thoughts and stress levels which follow on from the missed train that actually go to work and mess up your day.

For instance, if you're late for work, sure it's a bit irritating.  But is it the end of the world?  No.  Of course not.  Obviously if you're late every day or week then it will probably cost you your job!  But that's another problem which you need deal with!

Being late for work because of a cancelled or missed train will only mildly irritate those around you, maybe someone has to cover your desk for an hour, or maybe sit in for you in that meeting.  But if you at the station get into the frame of mind that 'this always happens' or 'my whole day is now ruined!'  Then, once you arrive at work you will be stressed and in a negative mindset.  This WILL mess up your day.  Your negativity will seep into those around you and you will be only looking for the bad things that have cropped up that day.  It will be as if your brain WANTS to feel in a pit of despair.

Think about it.  When you're in that frame of mind every little thing slowly mounts up to you having a BAD DAY!  The puddle you step in because you were rushing from the station, the fact you're starving and lunch is still hours away because you missed out on the bacon sandwich you always get from the canteen, because you're rushing!

Look at it this way.

You arrive at the station, you've missed the train.  Not good.  Tomorrow you must leave earlier to avoid this happening again.  Right so the next train isn't for half an hour.  Instead of nervously/angrily pacing up and down the platform, go to the nearest coffee shop.  Pick up a paper order your coffee and something to eat and relax for 20 minutes.  There's nothing more you can do.  You can't make a train appear out of nowhere, so there's no point in getting stressed about it.

Don't get too relaxed and miss the next train though!  By the time you arrive at work, you make your apologies and excuses and realise that everything is just as normal.  The fact you're half an hour late is no big deal.  You carry on your day as if it's the best day at work ever!

A lot of the time changing the way we think about things that don't go our way, has a completely positive effect on our day to day lives.  Think about it.


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