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2nd March 2011
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It is important to regularly check your dog’s ears for signs of wax and debris build up.  Dogs that swim regularly, or have narrow, hairy ear canals  are prone to ear infections, as moisture gets trapped in the ear canal and creates a warm, moist environment for bacteria and yeast to grow.  It is therefore important to keep the ears clean of these types of dog.  Your vet will be able to advise you on the frequency required of ear cleaning for your dog. 

If your dog's ears are irritated,  itchy, red or inflamed then they will need to be examined by a vet.

To clean your dog’s ears, start by applying ear cleaner (available from your vet) to some cotton wool to wipe around the inner flap of the dog’s ear.  Always wipe the ear from the inside out so that you are not introducing anything into the ear canal.  Then insert the nozzle of the ear cleaner into the upper part of the ear canal and squeeze the required amount into the dog’s ear.  Massage the base of the dog’s ear to produce a squelching sound, and then wipe the excess cleaner from the inside of the dog’s ear.

It is important not to poke anything down the ear canal, particularly cotton buds, as this could cause damage or an obstruction.

Please phone Chestnut Vets in Ware (01920 468874) or Hertford (01992 554466 or 01992 582115) for more advice.


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