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29th March 2011
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Kids dread it (I know I did!), parents are made nervous by it - what am I talking about?


Parents Evening!


Yes, that 10 minutes with your child's teacher that decides on whether they get to go on that all important holiday to Disneyland (or so you tell them!).  But that's all you get, 10 minutes.  Your child is at school for 6-7 hours a day 5 days a week and all you have is 10 minutes to find out how they are getting on.


So here's 10 questions that you should ask the next time you go to parents evening:


  1. Is my child happy at school?  This means on an emotional and social basis.
  2. What is my chid's attitude to learning?
  3. Can they make friends easily?
  4. Do they contribute to class discussions?
  5. What does my child enjoy doing?  Do they prefer practical subjects (eg  art and P.E.), sciences (eg maths, science, geography) or humanitites (history, English)?
  6. What are my child's strengths and weaknesses?
  7. How can I help at home?
  8. Is he/she at the right/expected level for their age group?  If your child is on the SEN register, then ask to see their IEP (Individual Education Plan).  If you are worried about your child having learning difficulties then bring this up as well.  If your child is getting extra support at school then ask for details so that you know exactly what is being done to help your child.
  9. For older children, ask about any outstanding work and when school exams are.
  10. How much homework should my child be getting?


These are all relevant questions that will ensure you get the most from your time with your child's teacher.


I would like to thank Dr Samina Rashid who is director of the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Luton and Stevenage, who originally posted these questions on thebestofluton in 2009.






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