The final part of Hertford girl Lyndsey Ollard's brilliant musical journey
13th December 2011
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Hertford girl, Lyndsey Ollard faces the biggest gig of her life when she travels to Sydney Australia to perform in the Glebe Island New Years Eve gig.  As well as performing to tens of thousands of revellers, Lyndsey will also be supporting the likes of Jamiroquai, Pet Shop Boys and Culture Club.  We follow her story across this 3 part blog series and this is the 3rd and final part.


We last left Hertford girl, Lyndsey Ollard’s story when she was in Byron Bay Australia and had met a music industry contract that would change her life.



 “Meeting Tom from Sound Audio Engineering was a really amazing thing to happen.  We instantly clicked and I haven’t stopped showing thanks since.  So many people go Travelling to ‘find’ themselves, but I honestly think my time in Australia allowed me to do just that.  Although some may call my contact with Tom as fate waiting to happen, I believe I manifested that meet up myself through positive thinking and meditation.”



Following their initial meeting in 2007, Tom became Lyndsey’s manager and from then on her 2nd attempt at climbing the ladder began.



“I spent nearly 2 years recording, writing, performing and general networking within the industry.  It was great and I felt that my career was really getting somewhere.”



Life was not all plain sailing though.  In 2009 Lyndsey fell pregnant with her first child and was faced with a really tough choice.



“There was no doubt in my mind what I needed to do.  I had to go back home and have my son, Jack, despite having a big sponsor opportunity to rocket my career.  Suddenly my priorities changed in that instant and nothing can prepare you for something like that.  But I knew deep down that I would continue my musical career, I had worked too hard and gone through too many ups and downs to turn my back on it.”



3 months after having Jack, Lyndsey travelled back to Australia to record her first solo album which included her first single, Liar.  But of course being a full time mum and trying to keep up with the ever changing music industry is a really tough thing to do.  Thankfully her manager, Tom’s company has an SAE school in London which allowed Lyndsey to continue recording without being away from her family.  It was at the London school that the colourful video for Liar was filmed.



“To have the freedom to actually write and record my own material is such a liberating feeling.  In fact when we were recording the album we needed an extra track to add to it.  So the band and me brainstormed and I came up with Liar which is from an experience I had with a cheating boyfriend a few years before.  It wasn’t originally meant to be the single, but it slowly manifested itself into this catchy, good humoured song with a great video to match!”



When Liar was finished and the video made Lyndsey decided to show her friends on Facebook what she’d been up to!  The viral effect took over and her huge network of friends from Hertford to Sydney were posting her video out to their friends and very soon it soon had thousands of views across the world.



“That was amazing!  I’m so lucky to have so many amazing friends that want to see me do well, I’m just so thankful to them for helping to get my name out there, I honestly wouldn’t be where I am now without their support.”



Lyndsey is now in the process of getting ready for her New Years Eve gig and is busy performing in small gigs around London and the South East to get her practice in.



“When Tom phoned me to tell me that I was playing Glebe Island I was in shock.  What an amazing thing to do!!  Now I’m just preparing to get things ready so I’m 100% for the gig.  I’m not too scared to be performing in such a prestige gig, just incredibly excited and I know that this is my chance to launch a proper, professional music career that I have complete control over.”



There’s no doubt that Lyndsey Ollard will be a name that the UK will be treated to in the next 12 months or so, but it’s Australia that will be the place Lyndsey is going to be launched next month, and what a launch it is!



You can follow Lyndsey Ollard on Twitter and Facebook  and please take a look a look at her single, Liar right here on You Tube (again this will be a live link)



Thanks for reading, and 3 cheers for Lyndsey and Hertford!

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