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1st December 2014
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I have always had a rule:  no Christmas shopping before the 1st December, and this year will be no exception.  That of course does not mean that I do not start to think about it before then:  the organised part of me has already made lists, cut out pictures and shop details from magazines and newspapers so that when my shopping day comes, I am ready!

And that is how my husband and I have always managed to make our Christmas Shopping fun:  we choose a date, we get up early…ish, and armed with our list which is now shared on iCloud, we go off to the local town and just shop for a few hours.   When done, we “celebrate” with a nice lunch and then we head home to wrap and pack (a few of our presents get sent by post to places all over Europe).  That’s it: done in one day!  The only thing left to do will be the foodie presents, those that I buy and those that I bake myself in the last few days before Christmas.

The thing is, however, getting it right is not easy and being original is almost impossible, but here are a few ideas to inspire you…

For the foodie, Hertford Farmers’ Market is on the 13th December and would be just the perfect place to pick up that special gift that was produced locally: tasty and sustainable.

For the older teenager? Well for the 17 year old that is about to learn to drive, how about putting something towards a driving lesson or two: Pelican School of Motoring offers lessons starting from £23.  Mind you, they also offer special Motorway Driving Lessons and we do all have that friend that does not like driving on motorways.

For those that like a bit of pampering (and who doesn’t), Jane deVera Lee offers a wide selection of treatments, or vouchers for treatments that you can give away as gifts of course, starting from as little as £30 for an express facial.

For all of us, how about a bit of bling: Lance James the Jewellers has something for everyone and for every budget.

And then of course, if “splash the cash” is what you want to do, a holiday must be the way to go and Travel Counsellor Karen Ward will definitely be the person to talk to.

And the last one, which admittedly I have thought about whilst I was writing this, how about one for the person hosting your Christmas: a cleaning voucher with Total Contract Cleaners for their “after the event” cleaning service.  After putting you up for a few days, your host will be able to put their feet up and enjoy a well-deserved rest! 

Don’t forget yourself:  buying Christmas presents can be a mammoth task, especially if you have little ones in your family, so don’t forget to treat yourself!

Enjoy your Christmas shopping…

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