The benefit of the Hertford Electrician
18th January 2011
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Welcome to the Hertford blog.

Now everyone knows The Best Of Hertford supports local businesses and you can't get more local than The Hertford Electrician.

Owned by local man Paul Jennings, The Hertford Electrician is marketed solely in a 12 mile radius of Hertford.

Why is this important though?  Well, here are some reasons:

Money saving:

The average electrical firm in the county will travel anywhere to carry out a job.  With the price of fuel now at record highs this is outlayed onto you, the customer.  If it costs them £20 in fuel to get to you then that's £20 extra you'll have to pay.  Not with Paul at Electrical Concepts in Hertford.  His fuel bill is considerably lower thus keeping his prices lower.


How do you know that the person that's rewiring your house or installing that extra plug socket is up to the job?  Unfortunately there are cowboys who think they can turn their hand to anything operating out there.  Not Paul the Hertford electrician.  He has 15 years experience working as an  approved electrician and prides himself on the value he offers to each and every customer he works for.

The environment:

Lower milage results in fewer emissions from his journey.

So by using Paul the Hertford electrician you're helping local trade, the local environment and your piece of mind.  He is happy to give any advice about anything electrical and recommends you read his blog on his website here.


Paul is so confident that he offers great value for his service that he is prepared to offer an incredible deal to you.  Visit his website on the link above to find out what it is.


Give him a call on 01992 700825, he would love to help.


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