The 10 Worst Things About Life in Hertford
13th March 2011
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Welcome to the Hertford blog. 

Recently we posted a blog about the 10 best things about life in Hertford.  Well, although this website is here to celebrate the best of Hertford it would be naive to ignore the issues that Hertford residents have about the town.  So below are the 10 worst things about life in Hertford.

Both blogs were written using information from local people.

1:  Shops closing.  It seems in the last couple of years that a lot of shops have been closing in the town and this is striking a chord with local people.

2:  Lack of choice in the town.  Personally I disagree with this.  I think Hertford has a fantastic range of shops and services in the town centre.

3:  Terrible parking.  Let’s be honest, parking in Hertford is expensive but there is an abundance of spaces.  Most would like to see pay on return parking.

4:  Traffic.  Notably on the A414 along the Gascoyne Way stretch.  It will only get worse as the country sees more cars, but where would be a viable place to build a bypass and what would that do the town centre trade?

5:  The ‘rat run’.  Used daily by hundreds of drivers, the rat run at the foot of Bengeo  is the pain of drivers and residents alike.  Police measures to curb use in the mornings has helped but the problem is still near the list of many Hertford residents.

6:  Sainsbury’s.  Quite divided opinion on this amongst Hertford people.  Love it or hate it it will give even more parking close to the town and take away Tesco’s dominance, not to mention the jobs it will create.

7:  Nightlife.  In the top 10 best things about Hertford as well, Hertford has a nightlife that is quite legendary.  But some residents don’t like the loutishness behaviour and mess the following day that Hertford town revellers leave behind.

8:  Housing.  Hertford is an affluent town with many expensive properties spread across the town.  But young people find they may have to move out of Hertford because they won’t be able to afford the expensive prices.

9:  It’s in the commuter belt.  Again this was mentioned on the 10 best things about Hertford, but some people don’t like the fact that many residents use the town only at the weekend when they are at home.  Also it’s viewed that being a commuter  friendly town house prices reflect this.

10:  Potholes.  This is probably a nationwide issue and one that needs to be addressed by local government quickly.


Please feel free to comment on this matter and let us know if there is anything missing from the list.


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