The 10 Best Things About Life in Hertford
7th March 2011
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The 10 Best Things About Hertford

We all know Hertford is an amazing town to live in.  But why?  What is that makes Hertford such a great town to live in, visit or read about?  Well here are 10 things that make Hertford great!


This blog was written using information gathered from local people.

1: It’s the county town!  As nice as Harpenden and St Albans are, they don’t hold the county town crown.  People around the world see Hertfordshire as a home county and automatically can associate Hertford to it.

2: It’s affluent.  This is a word used too widely to describe areas, but Hertford is genuinely affluent.

3: It has an award winning museum.  Yes Hertford Museum is shortlisted as one the top museums in the country by the Art Fund 2011.

4: Great schools.  Hertford has some amazing schools.  From the historic Richard Hale to the more modern Simon Balle and The Sele School.

5: A feeling of independence.  Walk through the town centre of Hertford and you’ll notice that there are very few, if any high street stores.  Instead we enjoy dozens of quaint and quirky independent shops each with their own character.

6: History.  Hertford has a famous historic legacy that dates back 4,000 years ago.  Read The Book Of Hertford by Cyril Heath for an insight into the history of Hertford.

7:  Its residents.  Some towns in the UK are known solely on their residents.  For instance Bournemouth is well known for being a popular retirement community.  But Hertford has a huge diversity of ages.  It can be classed as a young, old, middle aged or anything in between town.  It will never grow tired because there is a constant flow of young people injecting vitality into the town.  It will also never lose its historic identity.  As people grow older in the town they realise how important legacy is and will never lose touch of the roots of Hertford.

8:  Its nightlife.  Love it or loathe it, Hertford has an incredible nightlife for such a small town.  Night owls flock from all over Hertfordshire, Essex and London to experience Hertford’s nightlife.

9:  It’s in the commuter belt.  Ok, this isn’t for everybody but it’s a big attraction for people who move into Hertford.  With 2 train lines both taking you into London in half an hour, Hertford is a very well connected town.

10:  The online community.  Hertford has a brilliant presence online.  Take the fantastic  Discover Hertford Online website, or the Facebook group set up by 2 Hertford school girls.  Throw The Best Of Hertford into the mix and you find a wealth of information and opinion about Hertford at the click of a button.

Well, I’m sure there’s more so why not leave your comments below about the best things you like about Hertford.  Or find our worst things about Hertford blog to see the other side of the town.


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