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3rd August 2015
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Teaching family and friends to learn to drive can be stressful and traumatic for the learner driver as well as the passenger who is supervising. Scraping the dash board with your fingernails and wearing out the carpet with imaginary braking as well as family arguments could be the least of your worries. So is it worth it? Saving money on driving lessons could be a false economy!

I am often asked by pupils about practising with mum and dad or another family member or friend. For those pupils in a position to do it I am generally in favour of it, however not until the pupil has achieved a level of competence and confidence where they will only require prompting and suitable advice. An instructor will have the benefit of dual controls, a handy device to have especially for those early lessons. A professional driving instructor will teach, coach and prepare the pupil for life on modern roads as well as passing the driving test, so you will not be disadvantaged if you do not get additional practise . The only purpose of practising in mum and dad’s or the pupils own car is to gain extra experience, so take the instructors advice as to when you are ready.

If you wish to insure a car for a learner driver I can recommend Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance. As well as annual insurance you can insure the car for periods of 1 to 24 weeks. Their prices are competitive and you will get an additional discount if you enter the referral code 192308.

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