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1st April 2020
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As the survival mechanism of fright, flight or freeze may have been activated over the last few weeks, the following tips may assist you in regulating your personal stress response.

Boost your immunity
It may be beneficial to include vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D3, and echinaforce, whilst consuming a healthy balanced diet, during these trying times.

Take some time every day to acknowledge how you are feeling. Starting with any challenging emotions that may surface and where you may be sensing and experiencing them in the body, as well as the mind. Therapeutic journaling has been proven to be very effective in this realm, in a manner that is helpful to you, whether writing short one-word bursts, lengthy pages or writing an unsent letter to yourself. Allow enough time to process. Should any overwhelming fears surface, it may be helpful to take some time to rationalise those fears, focusing on the elements that you can control. Challenging emotions may compromise and lower the immune system, increasing susceptibility, so be sure to balance the system with acknowledging the positive emotions that you may be experiencing too, with particular emphasis on gratitude and appreciation, as it may apply to your particular situation.

Take time to breathe deeply and slowly to regulate, ground, self-sooth and oxygenate your nervous system. Use a system or technique that you are familiar with or would enjoy exploring. The choice of breathwork may originate from different sources and will enable your body and mind to pause, regulate, rebalance and realign, whether it is deep diagrammatic or structured breathing. Experiment with different sources focusing on the effects on your system to find one that has the desired effect for you.

Be mindful of any personal triggers that may activate and aggravate your nervous system, challenging your sense of wellbeing. Various levels of individual sensitivity will apply. It may be helpful to limit your exposure to the daily news. Perhaps checking in once or twice a day focusing on the headlines only. When awareness of arousal occurs stop, pause and take the necessary measures to regain a sense of balance and calm. Use tried and tested techniques that work for you, whether exercising, breathing, reading, spending time in nature, cooking, playing, laughing or indulging in a creative hobby.

Despite the social distancing measures in place, use the plethora of choices in technology to connect with others. Explore the different platforms, engaging the creative side of your brain, using this time available in meaningful manner to maintain existing connections, practice kindness, spend quality time with the family and assist others that may be feeling the effects of social isolation.

Whilst the recent events may initially be perceived as a major disruption to our normal daily lives, use this valuable gift of time during social isolation, wisely. An invaluable opportunity to pause, reflect, adjust and catch up on so many things you may have been meaning to do or explore, whilst maintaining a sense of balance and calm.

Charlotte Richardson-Knott BSc (Hons) is a Body Stress Release, SIRPA and Emergenetics Practitioner. Her passion is assisting others to balance both mind and body with these valuable tools. Although unable to offer Body Stress Release physical sessions at present during social isolation, she is available for zoom calls using stress management tools to assist you in keeping balanced and calm during this taxing period. She may be contacted on 01920460458.

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